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The Pig Grading Information System (PiGISTM) is an online benchmarking tool that enables producers and processors to assess and benchmark pig carcase quality and identify areas for improvement. Two versions of PiGIS exist allowing:

  • PRODUCERS to compare (benchmark) the quality of their pig production against the "best" producers and thus identify targets for improvement
  • PROCESSORS to improve their competitiveness by enabling them to identify those producers who best meet the requirements of their retail customers

Key Features of PiGISTM

  • Automatic upload of data from processing plants to online database
  • Real-time analysis of individual producer data
  • Ranks producers in term of quality
  • Comparisons of performance over time
  • Comparison against "rest or best" producers
  • Statistical analysis highlights areas for improvement
  • Easy to use and flexible with self-explanatory analysis and reports

Register for a Demonstration

To register for a demonstration click on the Register link. Registering will allow you to access the web-based 'Producer' version of PiGISTM. It will allow you to generate basic and benchmarking reports for a fictitious producer and run comparisons against top producers and against alternative date ranges. Please note that some of the features in the full version (e.g., user guide, modifying contract details) have been disabled within this demo version.

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If you would like further information about PiGIS or have any questions you can contact us at: info@afbini.gov.uk.

Winner of the 2012 Oxford Farming Conference (OFC)/ Royal Agricultural Society of England (RASE) Practice with Science Award
Winner of 'Digital Media & Software' category in the 2009 Northern Ireland £25K Awards
Highly Commended in the 2009 Food and Farming Industry Awards in the Food Chain Marketing category
Received 'Special Recognition' in the 2010 Irish Times All-Island Innovation Awards in association with InterTrade Ireland